Muse Winery, Legally Blonde Pinot Gris 2010; $19.00

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had ordered a wine from a winery that caught my eye on a recent trip to the Island.  Well, having spent the day beach combing with the kids, I could think of no better way to end the afternoon than to sip that very wine.  The sun was shining today, the temperature was 9 degrees, the sky was a bright blue and it all reminded me of beach combing the beach in Sidney.   This winery is located north-west of Sidney, on the Saanich Peninsula,  but no more than a 15 minute drive.  The owner, Jane, was kind enough to ship out a few bottles to me and though  I have had them for a while, I was waiting for the perfect time to open one. Once chilled and opened, this Pinot Gris was clean and crisp with aromas of green apple.  The description on the back label hits the nail on the head.  This Pinot Gris is crisp and tart with the green apple, melon and honeysuckle dancing on your palate.  This wine has a nice finish that lingers with a subtle caramel aftertaste.  I didn’t choose to pair this wine with any food, as I dove into some great fish and chips, at the beach.  However, this Pinot Gris is a great “stand alone” wine.  I could sip this Pinot Gris as a brunch wine, cheese plate on the patio wine or just on its own.   I really enjoy the flavours that evolve while sipping this wine, and as the wine warms a little, the  honeysuckle really stands out.  I love the wine, the label, the name of the Winery and their location is beautiful. If you ever have a chance to visit the area, this winery is a “must stop”.   The only thing missing is the friend I travelled to the Island with.  We should have really sipped this wine together.  Well, maybe next time.  Remember to savor your sips!

About bcwinesipper

As I am passionate about wine, I will be sipping wines from British Columbia, Canada and sharing my findings with you.
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